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Green Cast

Amari Plastics is once again leading the UK acrylic market with its innovative and unique 100% cast acrylic sheet range - Green Cast®.Manufactured in Italy, it is a premium quality product that is stocked in the UK exclusively and is available locally from your 15 Amari Plastics service centres.

Green Cast® is a premium quality, branded cast acrylic manufactured by Madreperla SPA exclusively for Amari Plastics. Green Cast® looks, performs, fabricates and last as long as standard virgin acrylics. It is available in a full range of clears, opals and colours as well as the speciality grades such as Satinglas®, Seta LED® and Metallic.

With the ever increasing demands of retailers to have a commercially attractive environmental solution for its instore displays, Green Cast® is the perfect solution. It is certified by the University of Milan and only uses recycled acrylic from Germany & Italy, therefore it is a material with a low carbon footprint using less energy in manufacturing and reducing the need for landfills.

  • Premium quality branded cast acrylic sheets backed by the Amari Plastics name
  • Manufactured, tested and validated within the EU for more than 2years
  • Available in 3mm-20mm thicknesses
  • Available in sheet sizes 3050 x 2030mm or 2030 x 1520mm
  • Standard colour range available from your local Amari Plastics centre
  • Colour matching and specials available upon request
  • Available as a standard gloss sheet or in most of the Madreperla speciality ranges such as Satinglas® (frosted) sheets, Seta LED® or LED light box illuminatuion, Seta PAN® for kitchens and bathroom work surfaces etc.
Green Cast® sheets can then be recycled again to make new products.

Amari Plastics PLC offers a fully closed loop through our own recycling company, Recycled Plastics who can process your scrap and return it to Madreperla for manufacturing into new sheets.

Green Cast® can use signs, displays, printed media and glued materials that you remove from your end user- solving their problem of waste disposal.

Green Cast® uses less water and CO2 to manufacture than virgin sheet production- data available upon request. Complies with ISO 7823.1

Green Cast® has the same mechanical and physical properties as standard virgin acrylic.

Green Cast offer:
Environmentally Friendly
Interior / Exterior Use
Screen Printable
UV Digitally Printable
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